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==Allied Resources ==
Popular / Fan Periodicals

A list of periodicals (magazines, fanzines, etc.) about comic art in general, including links to on-line information, collections of magazines in book form, and more. Journals about specific topics (cartoonists, titles/characters, publishers, etc.) will be listed in the appropriate specific sections of Academic journals are listed on our Academic Resources page.

Reviews and Additional Information: If you'd like to suggest titles or contribute a review of one of these books, please contact us.

NOTE: New! indicates a new or revised entry added since April 1, 2008.


Alter-Ego (Alter Ego) [Publisher's Web Site]

Back Issue [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Edited by Michael Eury.
Cartoonist PROfiles [Publisher's Web Site]
  • A quarterly for the comic arts professional.
Comic Art [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Slick, informtative magazine.
Comic Book Heaven [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Funky nostalgia, edited by Scott Saavedra.
Comic Book Marketplace [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Edited by Russ Cochran.
Comic Effect [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Published by Jim Kingman; "Emphasizing the fun in reading comics!"
Comicology [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Now discontinued.
The Comics
  • From Robin Snyder; "The original, first-person history by the men who made the comics..."
The Comics Buyer's Guide [Publisher's Web Site]
  • "Since 1971, Comics Buyer's Guide magazine has put comics fans in touch with their hobby;" previously The Buyer's Guide to Comic Fandom.
  • On-line index to The Buyer's Guide to Comic Fandom.
The Comics Journal The magazine of comics news and criticism [Publisher's Web Site]
Comics Review [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Information from and about Rick Norwood's monthly magazine of American comic strips.
  • For comics artists.
Graphic Novel Scene [Publisher's Web Site]
  • "The Guide to Trade Paperbacks, Manga and Original Graphic Novels"
Hogan's Alley [Publisher's Web Site]
  • Edited by Tom Heintjes; wide-ranging in scope.
The Nostalgia Zine [Web Site]
  • "The web zine for people who love comics"
  • "The leading publication in the industry of comic book creation"
Write Now! [Publisher's Web Site]
  • For comics writers.
If you can't find the periodical you want here, please see also Academic Resources: Journals

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