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==Allied Resources ==
Comics News
A list of on-line sources for news about comics. If you'd like to suggest a source for this page, please contact us. Thanks to Mike Rhode of the comics research bibliography for suggesting many of the sites listed on this page.

NOTE: New! indicates a new or revised entry added since August 8, 2008.

Anonima Fumetti News: From Italy

New!  : From Germany.

ComicList: The New Comic Book Releases List

Comics 2 Film: Updates on comics-themed movies.

The Comics Journal's "Comics News" Message Board



Find Articles at BNET: Search this resource for "cartoon" , "comic" , "comic book" , "comic strip" , "comics", "graphic novel" , or other searches

ICv2: Inside Pop Culture: Industry news for comics, anime, Tokyopop, DC, Viz, Marvel, and more.

¡Journalista! from The Comics Journal : Search this resource for "cartoon" , "comic" , "comic book" , "comic strip" , "comics", "graphic novel" , or other searches .


The Pulse

Super Hero News: Internet clipping service for news items regarding superheroes, delivered via e-mail or Internet.

Syndicates: from Editor & Publisher

New! "The Online Source for the Entertainment Junkie"

Archive Only: Comic Book Network Electronic Magazine (1995-2006)

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