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Gene Kannenberg, Jr. received a PhD from the University of Connecticut in 2002; his dissertation discussed the comics of Winsor McCay, Art Spiegelman, and Chris Ware. He has given presentations about comics in the USA, Canada, and Belgium, and his writing about comic art has appeared in publications like The Comics Journal, The Chronicle of Higher Education, the International Journal of Comic Art, Hogan's Alley, and various academic essay collections. Formerly the Chair of the International Comic Art Festival, he maintains the website His book 500 Essential Graphic Novels was published by Collins Design in 2008.

Contact Dr. Kannenberg:

New Mailing Address (12/2014):
Dr. Gene Kannenberg, Jr.
338 Custer Ave #4
Evanston IL  60202  USA
Other Internet Locations:

Interviews with Dr. Kannenberg:

Get to Know Bear-Con Guest Speaker - The Racquette, March 25, 2011

Young, Smart, Sexy: Meet Gene Kannenberg, Jr. - SuperITCH, July 1, 2010

The Essentials - Gene Kannenberg, Jr. - Sequential Tart, October 20 2008

Dr. Kannenberg provides commentary and analysis on matters relating to comic art. He has been interviewed or provided background information for various news items, including:

Graphic Novels To Film: 'A History Of Violence,' 'The Mask' And Other Unexpected Adaptations (PHOTOS), by Halli Secoff - The Huffington Post, July 20, 2012.

The Adventures of Tintin - Here on Earth radio program, guest along with Alex Buchet. Wisconsin Public Radio, August 19, 2010.

Filmmakers turn to graphic novels for plots, by Lana Berkowitz - Houston Chronicle, August 13[?], 2010;, August 13.

, by Andy van Smeerdijk and Nitin Nair - [Dubai, United Arab Emirates], 4Men section, July 2, 2008. []

A Comic Strip for a Cause, by Jesse Leavenworth - Hartford Courant, October 4, 2007. [details at our blog]

The Sleeker Superhero, by Ron Wolfe - Arkansas Democrat Gazette, August 20, 2007. [details at our blog]

Cinema Feature: Superman Beijing, by Gwynn Guilford. That's Beijing, July 20, 2006. [details at our blog]

"Out with the Comics" on The Brian Lehrer ShowLive on-air segment discussing DC Comics' lesbian Batwoman character. WNYC-FM 93.9, New York City. June 2, 2006. [details at our blog]

Menace to Comic Heroes? / Digital piracy is creeping into the industry..., by Michelle Keller - Los Angeles Times, May 29, 2006.rpt NewsJournal [Wilmington, DE], June 9; Baltimore Sun, June 11; Journal Gazette [Fort Wayne, IN], July 17. [details at our blog]

Comic Wars: Cartoonists Take Potshots at Each Other, But it's All in Fun, by William Weir - Hartford Courant, May 22, 2006. [details at our blog]

Superhero Smackdown / In Hollywood Battle Royale, It's Batman (in the Black Trunks) vs. Fantastic Four, by William Weir - Hartford Courant, June 15, 2005.

Holy Youth Work / Comic books morph from dangerous villains to heroes of healthy youth development, by Jim Myers - Youth Today, April 2005.

From Pulp to Pulitzer / How the Underground Comic Found its Way to the Mainstream, by Fritz Lanham - Houston Chronicle, August 29, 2004. [Excerpted at Diamond Bookshelf's Testimonials.]

OSU Cartoon Research Library Celebrates Ohio Natives, by Kevin Parks - ThisWeek, August 14, 2003.

Local Heroes / Connecticut Had A Prominent Role In Helping Comic Book Industry Get Off The Ground, by Steve Grant - Hartford Courant, June 28, 2003.

Final Fantasy / Comic book culture is growing up and may be leaving a generation behind, by Scott Renshaw - Salt Lake City Weekly, April 17, 2003.

Drawing Peace In the Middle East / Super Men Replace Superman As the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Invades Comics, by Lisa Keys - Forward, April 11, 2003.

Drawn to Graphic Novels, by Mike Hudson - Roanoke Times & World News, Monday Metro Edition, Extra pg. 1. January 27, 2003 

Beguiled by The Beguiling, by Jeet Heer - National Post [Canada], May 17, 2002.

Snoopy: A Beagle With Brains Becomes Teachers' Pet, by Sarah Boxer - New York Times, March 24, 2001. [Discusses a presentation by Dr. (then Mr.) Kannenberg at the 2000 Modern Language Association conference.]

"Are Comics Subversive?" BBC World Service radio programme, guest along with British cartoonist Ed Hilyer (Ilya). Transmitted September 11, 12, and 13, 2000.

Hope Springs Eternal, by William Weir. Hartford Courant, July 15, 2000.

Comic relief / Funny pages a cultural staple, by Martin DeAgostino - South Bend Tribune, February 20, 2000.

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