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Rosenberg, Robin, ed. 2008. The Psychology of Superheroes: An Unauthorized Exploration. Psychology of Popular Culture series. Dallas, TX: Benbella Books. 272pp. ISBN-10: 1933771313; ISBN-13: 978-1933771311 (paperback).

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  • The positive psychology of superheroes - Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park
  • The social psychology of the Justice league of America - Wind Goodfriend
  • Superman's personality - Robin S. Rosenberg
  • Anti-heroism in the continuum of good and evil - Michael Spivey and Steven Knowlton
  • Positive psychology of Peter Parker - Robert Biwas-Diener
  • Prejudice lessons from the Xavier Institute - Mikhail Lyubansky
  • When I grow up I want to be a superhero - Bryan J. Dik
  • Is there a superhero in all of us? - Peter A. Hancock and Gabriella M. Hancock
  • Mind-reading superheroes - William J. Ickes
  • An appetite for destruction - Chuck Tate
  • The stereotypical (Wonder) woman - Chuck Tate
  • What would Freud say? - Andrew R. Getzfeld
  • Coming to terms with bizarro - Siamak Tundra Naficy
  • Coping with stress... the superhero way - Stephanie R. deLusé
  • Arkham Asylum - Bradley J. Daniels
  • The incredible Hulk - Christopher J. Patrick and Sarah K. Patrick
  • Gender typicality and extremity in popular culture - Kerri L. Johnson, Leah E. Lurye, and Jonathan B. Freeman
  • Cracking the superhero's moral code - Peter DeScioli and Robert Kurzban

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