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The Essential Guide to World Comics. By Tim Pilcher and Brad Brooks. Foreword by Dave Gibbons. London: Collins & Brown, 2005. 320pp.

Paperback: ISBN-10: 1843403005

Library of Congress: NC1355.P55
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 I. Foreword by Dave Gibbons ... 6
II. Introduction ... 10

 1. United Superheroes of America ... 18

World-Class Creators: Jack Kirby ... 52
 2. Brit Lit ... 54
World-Class Creators: Leo Baxendale ... 86
 3. Manga Mania and Anime Angst ... 88
World-Class Creators: Osamu Tezuka ... 118
 4. Crouching Artists, Hidden Comics ... 120
World-Class Creators: Tony Velasquez ... 142
 5. The Ninth Art ... 144
World-Class Creators: Hergé ... 174
 6. Continental Comics ... 176
World-Class Creators: Hugo Pratt ... 204
 7. South of the Border ... 206
World-Class Creators: Breccia ... 240
 8. Snow, Ducks, and Phantoms ... 242
World-Class Creators: Peter Madsen ... 258
 9. Down Under Wonders ... 260
World-Class Creators: Dylan Horrocks ... 278
10. Ashrams, Apartheid & Arabian Tales ... 280
World-Class Creators: Anant Pai ... 308
III. Index ... 310
IV. Bibliography ... 318
V. Acknowledgments ... 320

From published reviews (courtesy of the authors):

“The fans, the publishers, the industry, you'’ll pretty much find it all here. Essential reading… 4/5” - Frannie Twinn, Latest 7 magazine

“Even knowledgeable comics exponents will find themselves flabbergasted by the depth of the sequential art form when they read Tim Pilcher and Brad Brooks’ impressive survey… The authors obviously know their subject… Passionate and well considered throughout, this is a book that opens up a world of potential new titles and creators to the reader and treats the comic art form with the respect that it deserves. 4.5/5.” - Charlie Hodge, SFX magazine

Like TV film critics Siskel and Ebert, this guide benefits from Pilcher and Brooks' dual viewpoint, which strikes a balance between Brad's faith in comics as art and Tim's more prosaic view of comics as fun… They pack in some great anecdotes, masses of names, titles, facts and figures and rarely seen imagery from lovely crumbling antiquities to obscure small press gems… a remarkable achievement, colourful and sharply designed… this guide is a dream round-the-world ticket.” - Paul Gravett, Comics International

…A cracking overview of World Comics… I found this a very entertaining insight into comics from around the globe. While I'm familiar with some French, Italian, Norwegian and Australian titles, for example, it came as a surprise to learn of enthusiastic comics publishing in India and Africa, and the sheer variety of featured creators and creations is simply astonishing. The book is also useful as a "starting point" when it comes to exploring some countries output… Packed with stunning imagery, the book not only includes detailed but well-written guides to comics from around the globe but also spotlights world-class talents such as Herge… I'm happy to agree with Dave Gibbons, who describes The Essential Guide to World Comics in his introduction as an enjoyable modern day comics equivalent of the Victorian Baedeker's guide.”  - John Freeman, 

This is an ambitious and highly successful attempt to cover the world of comics… it's an amazing compendium of information on how comics are treated, region by region… It's highly readable, well-researched and comprehensively illustrated… This is the first global survey of comics that I'm aware of, and a welcome addition to anyone's library who has even a passing interest in the genre.”  - Paul Edmond Norman,

Get to know your Peanuts from your Manga: take a tour through the lives of Asterix and Bananaman with [this] colourful new book…”. - Daily Telegraph

Beautifully illustrated guide to the global comics phenomenon.. Packed with fascinating stories, statistics, and an amazingly diverse selection of comic art. 90% of this looks at comics outside the U.S., so there's a whole new world here for the U.S. fan.”  -

Another excellent, horizon-expanding guide. There's far, far more to comics than superheroes and manga. This book will turn you on to some of the unknown treasures out there in the big wide world. It's so good, I even wrote the introduction!”  - Dave Gibbons, recommended Christmas Gifts, 2005

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