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Anarchy for the Masses: The Disinformation Guide to The Invisibles. By Patrick Neighly and Kereth Cowe-Spigai. The Disinformation Company, with Mad Yak Press, 2003. 288pp.

Paperback: ISBN-10: 0971394229 // ISBN-13: 978-0971394223
Library of Congress: PN6728.I58 N45 2003 // Dewey: 741.5/973 22
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Publisher's Online Information:

Publisher's description:
A complete guide to every issue of The Invisibles, featuring exclusive interviews with Grant Morrison and major behind-the-scenes players including Philip Bond, Phil Jimenez, Stuart Moore, Sean Philips, Warren Pleece, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Jill Thompson, Chris Weston and Steve Yeowell. Plus comprehensive annotations, critical analyses, previously unpublished artwork and more!

Introduction ... 009

Volume One ... 011

Volume Two ... 093

Volume Three ... 167

Short Stories ... 219

Talking with Grant Morrison ... 229

Biographies ... 259

Bibliography ... 286

Reviews / Features:

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