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McLoughlin, Kate and Malin Lidström Brock, eds. Tove Jansson Rediscovered. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007. 249pp. ISBN-10: 1847182690; ISBN-13: 9781847182692 (hc).

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List of Colour Plates (centrefold) ... ix
Acknowledgements ... x
Citations and Translations ... xi

Introduction - Kate McLoughlin and Malin Lidström Brock ... 1

A Painter's Reflection: The Self-Representational Art of Tove Jansson - Boel Westin ... 5

Tove Jansson: The Trickster Children's Author - Agneta Rehal-Johansson ... 15

Tove Jansson and the Humble Sublime - Corinne Buckland ... 28

Tove Jansson and the Divided Self - Claire Sharpe ... 41

The Fillyjonk at the Window: Aesthetics of Movement and Gaze in Tove Jansson's Illustrations and Texts - Sirke Happonen ... 54

Staging the Illusive: Self-Reflective Images in Tove Jansson's Novels - Elina Drucker ... 75

Childhood and Family in Tove Jansson's Picture-Books - Lena Kåreland ... 86

"Believe you me, I know, I'm pretty sharp when it comes to things like that": Little My's Argumentation and Rhetoric - Jukka Mikkonen ... 97

"Delight and instruction to all Moomins": Encounters with Text in Moominland - Evelyn Arizpe ... 108

Tove Jansson's Comet in Moominland as War Text - Kate McLoughlin ... 115

The "Janssonesque": Language in Tove Jansson's Moomin Oeuvre - Yvonne Nummela ... 123

Moomin's Adventures in German-Speaking Countries - Mareike Jendis ... 131

Tove Jansson's Alice Illustrations - Mikiko Chimori ... 146

Roses, Beads and Bones: Gender, Borders and Slippage in Tove Jansson's Moomin Comic-Strips - K. A. Laity ... 166

Erotic Motifs and Homosexual Depictions in Tove Jansson's Late Literature - Barbro K. Gustafsson ... 184

Bohemia and Beyond: Creativity and the Artistic Life in Sculptor's Daughter  - Sonia Wichmann ... 198

The Summer Cottage in Finland-Swedish Literature: Tove Jansson, Solveig von Schoultz and Monica Fagerholm - Tess Cosslett ... 209

The Real and the Child-like: Generation and Philosophy in Tove Jansson's The Summer Book - Jean Webb ... 222

The Re-Storying of Old Age in the Work of Tove Jansson - Nancy Huse ... 234

Notes on Contributors ... 248

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