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Invaders from the North: How Canada Conquered the Comic Book Universe. By John Bell; foreword by Seth. Toronto: The Dundurn Group, 2006. 223pp.

Hardcover: ISBN-10: 1550026593 - ISBN-13: 9781550026597

Library of Congress:
Dewey: 741.5/971 22

Publisher's Description
   Invaders from the North profiles past and present comic geniuses, sheds light on unjustly neglected chapters in Canada's pop history, and demonstrates how this nation has vaulted to the forefront of international comic art, successfully challenging the long-established boundaries between high and low culture.
   Generously illustrated with colour and black-and-white comic covers and panels, Invaders from the North serves up a cheeky, brash, and saucy cavalcade of flamboyant and outrageous personalities and characters that graphically attest to Canada's verve and invention in the world of visual storytelling.

Foreword by Seth ... 9
Acknowledgements ... 11
Introduction ... 13
  1. Of Brownies and Doo Dads: The Precursors, 1849-1928 ... 19
  2. Up, Up, and Away: Dawn of the Comic Book, 1929-1940 ... 31
  3. Smashing the Axis: Canada's Golden Age of Comics, 1941-1946 ... 41
SPOTLIGHT: Johnny Canuck and the Search for Canadian Superheroes ... 57
  1. Crackdown on Comics: The Lean Years, 1947-1966 ... 87
  2. Harold Hedd and Fuddle Duddle: The Comix Rebellion, 1967-1974 ... 105
  3. An Aardvark Leads the Way: Alternative Visions, 1975-1988 ... 119
SPOTLIGHT: Chester Brown and the Search for New Narratives ... 139
  1. The Road to Palooka-Ville: New Directions, 1989-2006 ... 169
Afterword ... 189

Notes ... 191
Selected Bibliography ... 208
Index ... 214


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