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Varnum, Robin, and Christina T. Gibbons, eds. The Language of Comics: Word and Image. Studies in Popular Culture. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2002. 222 pp. ISBN 1578064139 (hc), 1578064147 (paper). 

Publisher's Information (University Press of Mississippi)

Introduction -
Robin Varnum and Christina T. Gibbons ... ix

  • The Voices of Silence: Willette, Steinlen and the Introduction of the Silent Strip in the Chat Noir, with a German Coda - David Kunzle ... 3
  • Pictures Speak in Comics without Words: Pictorial Principles in the Work of Milt Gross, Hendrik Dorgathen, Eric Drooker, and Peter Kuper - David A. Beronä ... 19
  • If He Catches You, You're Through: Coyotes and Visual Ethos - Todd Taylor , 40
  • The Yellow Kid and the Comic Page - N. C. Christopher Couch ... 60
  • Comedy at the Juncture of Word and Image: The Emergence of the Modern Magazine Gag Cartoon Reveals the Vital Blend - Robert C. Harvey ... 75
  • Disturbing Comics: The Disjunction of Word and Image in the Comics of Andrzej Mleczko, Ben Katchor, R. Crumb, and Art Spiegelman - Frank L. Cioffi ... 97
  • "And Suit the Action to the Word": How a Comics Panel Can Speak Shakespeare - Marion D. Perret ... 123
  • Revealing Traces: A New Theory of Graphic Enunciation - Jan Baetens ... 145
  • The Comic Book's Soundtrack: Visual Sound Effects in Asterix - Catherine Khordoc ... 156
  • The Comics of Chris Ware: Text, Image, and Visual Narrative Strategies - Gene Kannenberg, Jr. ... 174
Notes ... 199
Works Cited ... 205
Contributors ... 213
Index ... 215

  • Hatfield. Charles. [review.] International Journal of Comic Art 4.2 (Fall 2002): 336-39
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