Spiegelman, Art.  Comix, Essays, Graphics and Scraps (From Maus to Now to MAUS to Now) / Comics, Essays, Grafiken and Fragmente (From Maus to Now to MAUS to Now).  Italy: Sellerio Editore-La Centrale dell'Arte, 1999. ISBN 0-915043-07-6 (paper).

[NOTE: This book is published with both English and German versions of all text pieces.]

Introduction by J Hoberman / Vorwort von J. Hoberman ... 5
Autobiographical Essays and Scraps / Autobiografische Essays und Fragmente ... 7

  • Artist's Statement / Eine Erklärung des Künstlers (From Apex Treasury of Underground Comics, 1974) ... 7
  • I Don't Get Around Much Anymore: A Guided Tour / Ich Komme Nicht Mehr Viel Rum: Eine Führung (Alternative Media magazine, Fall 1978) ... 7
  • Raw Nerves / Blossliegende Nerven (introduction to Read Yourself RAW, Pantheon 1987) ... 10
  • Looney Tunes, Zionism and the Jewish Question / Looney Tunes - Der Zionismus und die Jüdische Frage (from Village Voice, 6 June 1989) ... 14
  • Letter to the New York Times Book Review / Brief an die New York Times Book Review (1991) ... 16
  • Little Orphan Annie's Eyeballs / Die Augen von Little Orphan Annie (The Nation, 17 January 1994) ... 17
  • Getting in Touch with My Inner Racist / Ein Zisammentreffen mit dem Rassisten in Mir (Mother Jones, October 1997) ... 19
  • Mad Youth / Verrückte Jugend (Life, 1992) ... 21
  • Things Are More Like They Are Now... / Jetzt Sind die Dinge eher so wie Sie Sind... (commencement address given by A.S. at SUNY Binghamton [Harpur College] when A.S. was awarded an Honorary Ph.D.) ... 22
  • Drawings, Comix and Graphics / Zeichnungen, Comics und Grafiken ... 25 Essays on the Language of Comix / Essays über die Sprache von Comics ... 73 Chronology and Bibliography / Chronologie und Bibliografie ... 101o Afterword / Nachwort ... 104 [NOTE: This Afterword is listed in the book's table of contents but is not included, at least in the Second Printing] is Copyright © Gene Kannenberg, Jr.,
    All Reviews are Copyright © Their Respective Authors. 
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