Smith, Bruce. The History of Little Orphan Annie. Foreword by Worth Gatewood. New York: Ballantine, 1982. ISBN 0-345-30546-9.
  1. Only an Orphan
  2. "The Kid Looks Like a Pansy to Me"
  3. Hard Times
  4. That Little Chatterbox
  5. "We're Doin' War Work"
  6. "What a Girl!"
  7. "Annie Will Be Missed"
  8. "The Worst Idea I'd Ever Heard"
  9. Starr-ing Annie
  10. Annie: The Movie

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Review by Mike Rhode:
Smith, a journalist in New York, has written an engaging overview of the careers of Harold Gray and Little Orphan Annie. The book covers Gray's creation of Annie and shows how the early strips eventually matured into a formulaic adventure strip. Gray's far-right attitudes and resulting story lines are examined especially for the Depression years. Smith discusses the merchandising of Annie including the radio show. He reviews how the strip continued after Gray's death and became a major Broadway show and movie. The book ends with the then-concurrant release of the movie. A short daily strip is reprinted showcasing Mr. Am's death-defying power as well as his willingness to own slaves. Smith's work is a very readable overview of over 50 years of Annie's history. is Copyright © Gene Kannenberg, Jr.,
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