Silbermann, Alphons and H.-D. Dyroff, eds. Comics and Visual Culture: Research Studies from Ten Countries / La BD et la culture visuelle: Traveaux de recherche réalisés dans dix pays / Comics und visuelle Kultur: Forschungsbeiträge aus zehn Ländern. München, New York, London, Paris: K.G. Saur, 1986  ISBN 3-598-10604-1 (hc).  264pp.

Foreword ... 7
Avant Propos ... 8
Vorwort ... 9

Alphons Silbermann
The Way Toward Visual Culture: Comics and Comic Films ... 11

Rolf T. Wigand
Toward a More Visual Culture Through Comics ... 28

Pierre Freshault-Deruelle
Aspects de la BD en Frabce ... 62

Ray Brown
An Analysis of Comics in Britian and their Possible Contribution to a Visual Culture ... 79

Ranieri Carano
Comics in Italy ... 96

Friedrich Knilli et al. [FK in collaboration with Clemens Schwender, Erwin Gundelsheimer and Elke Weisser]
Some Aspects of the Development Toward a Visual Culture.  The Example of Comics ... 109
[The Present State of Research on Comics in the Federal Republic of Germany.  Translated by Gloria Custance]

N.S. Mansurow
Children's Publications in the Soviet Union ... 144

Leo Loveday and Satomi Chiba
Aspects of the Development toward a Visual Culture in Respect of Comics: Japan ... 158

Waithira Gikonyo
Comics and Comic Strips in the Mass Media in Kenya ... 185

Marta Alcocer and Alicia Molina
Mexican Comics as Culture Industry ... 196

O.P. Joshi
Contents, Consumers and Creators of Comics in India ... 213

Henri Fischer
Eriture phonétique et pictogrammes dans les bandes dessinées .. 225

Achim Schnurrer
Comics und Merchandising ... 234

Verena Dodker-Tobler
Zeichentrickfilm und Comics aus medienpädagogischer Sicht ... 248

Demosthenes Savramis
Der moderne Mensch zwischen Tarzan und Supermann ... 254

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