Rubenstein, Ann. Bad Language, Naked Ladies, and Other Threats to the Nation: A Political History of Comic Books in Mexico. Durham and London: Duke UP, 1998. 210 pp. ISBN 0-8223-2108-4 (cloth), ISBN 0-8223-2141-6 (paper).
Acknowledgments ... ix
Introduction ... 1
Chapter One: The Creation of Mexican Comic Books, 1934-1952 ... 13
Chapter Two: Home-Loving and without Vices: "Modernity," "Tradition," and the Comic Book Audience ... 41
Chapter Three: The Uses of Tradition: Conservative Opposition to Comic Books ... 75
Chapter Four: The Uses of Failure: La Comisión Calficadora, 1944-1776 ... 109
Chapter Five: Comic Books Respond to Their Critics, 1944-1976 ... 133
Conclusion: The Lessons of Cultural Conservatism ... 163
Notes ... 167
Index ... 205

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