Olshevsky, George.  The Marvel Comics Index Vol. 1, No. 3: The Avengers, Defenders, and Captain Marvel. Toronto: G & T Enterprises, August 1976.

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A Brief Guide to Using This Index ... 2
Author's Notes ... 2
Synopsis: The Avengers ...  5
Notes: The Black Knight of the 1950s [contents & covers of the 5 issues] ... 11
Magazine: The Avengers ... 15
Magazine: The Avengers (Annual) ... 69
Magazine: Giant-Size Avengers ... 71
Cross-Index of Avengers Stories by Personnel ... 74
Cross-Index of Avengers Stories by Major Characters ... 76
Synopsis: Captain Marvel ... 77
Magazine: Captain Marvel ... 79
Magazine: Giant-Size Captain Marvel ...  95
Synopsis: The Defenders ... 95
Magazine: The Defenders ... 97
Magazine: Giant-Size Defenders ...  111
Cross-Index of Captain Marvel and Defenders Stories by Personnel ... 114
Cross-Index of Captain Marvel and Defenders Stories by Major Characters ... 114
[after the cross index, page 116 last 2/3 page, ads]
Avengers Lineup and Story Continuity ... Center Spread [58,59]

inside the front cover:
Conceived and compiled by George Olshevsky
Produced by Tony Frutti
Front Cover/Neal Adams
Back Cover/Franc Reyes
Contents Page/Peter Iro
Cover Photos/Rob (Mac-An-T-Saoir) MacIntyre
Printing and Layouts/INK SPOT GRAPHICS, INC
                            formerly Unigraphic Productions
                            3440 Pharmacy Avenue, Unit 10
                            Scarborough, Ontario M1W 2P8
Dedicated to Stan Lee and The Marvel Bullpen

inside back cover:
Note: Parts VII - XIV will be reorganized (see Author's Note this issue). (This table of contents includes only those titles which have been published as of this issue of THE MARVEL COMICS INDEX; titles as yet unpublished cannot - of course - be included.) [He then lists the table of contents of Parts (volumes) I through XIV]

along the bottom of the back of the cover is printed:

THE MARVEL COMICS INDEX, Vol. 1, No. 3: THE AVENGERS, DEFENDERS AND CAPTAIN MARVEL, August 1976. Published bimonthly by G & T Enterprises, 280 Wellesley Street East #2203, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4X 1G6.  All illustrative material, the cover logo, characters and story titles in the MARVEL COMICS INDEX are Copyright (c) 1975, MARVEL COMICS GROUP, a division of Cadence Industries Corporation, and are reproduced and published with their written permission. All rights to such material are reserved by the MARVEL COMICS GROUP. Subscription for issues #4-7, $15.00.

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