Marschall, Rick and John Paul Adams.   Milton Caniff, Rembrandt of the Comic Strip.  Endicott, NY: Flyung Buttress Press, 1981.  (Rpt.: Adams, JP. Milton Caniff: Rembrandt of the Comic Strip. New York: David McKay, 1946, with additions).  ISBN 0-918348-04-8 (hc).

[Background of the book's history, Richard Marschall... 2]
The Immortal Storyteller, Rick Marschall ... 4
His Life, John Paul Adams ... 14
His Art: A Historical Scrapbook ... 44
His Art: A Folio of some of the best ... 50
How to Be a Comic Artist, Milt Caniff [written in 1946] ... 58 is Copyright © Gene Kannenberg, Jr.,
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