Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle: A Biblography of Published Works.  Gretna, LA: Pelican Publishing, 2001.  ISBN 1-54554-123-5.

   The final volume in Hall's trilogy covers some of the same ground as the previous volumes [a biography and a book on merchadise].  Hall has divided the book into sections based on format such as newspaper work, magazine appearances, books, comic books, sheet music et cetera.  Like the preceding two volumes, the book is handsomely and extensively illustrated in color. Unlike most bibliographies, Hall has included an extensive amount of text on Gruelle's work, some of which repeats information from her earlier books. The amount devoted to each of Gruelle's books is impressive; she devotes a full page to and tracks a typical book like The Cheery Scarecrow (1929) through 3 publishers and 8 editions.  As with her earlier books, this should appeal to scholars interested in children's literature or cartooning.

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