Carlin, John and Sheena Wagstaff.  The Comic Art Show: Cartoons in Painting and Popular Culture.  Fantagraphics Books, 1983.  74 pp. (paper/magazine)

Whitney Museum of Anerican Art, Downtown Branch, At Federal Hall National Monument, 26 Wall Street, New York NY, Summer 1983
Foreword Tom Armstrong ... 7
Introduction, John Carlin and Sheena Wagstaff ... 9
In Praise of Folly: The Early Development of Comics in Art, John Carlin ... 10

The Golden Age: Origins and Early Masters, Richard Marschall ... 16
Mass Appeal: The Development of Realism, Sequential Narrative and Social Satire, Jerry Robinson ... 30

Representing Force: From Superman to the Fantastic Four, John Carlin and Gary Groth ... 38
Nothing Is Sacred: From EC to Underground Comix,  John Carlin and Kim Thompson ... 42

More Vulgar Modernism, J. Hoberman ... 50
Beyond the Pleasure Principle: Comic Quotation in Contemporary American Painting, John Carlin and Sheena Wagstaff ... 54

Checklist of the Exhibition ... 70

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