Bell, John, ed. Canuck Comics. Montreal: Matrix Books, 1986. ISBN 0-921101-00-7.
Publisher's Preface: Of Canadians and Comic Book People by Mark Shainblum
Foreword: Dreams Of Joy Recaptured by Harlan Ellison
Introduction: Yes, There Are Canadian Comics by John Bell
A History: English Canadian Comic Books by John Bell
Appendix: Canadian Contributors to U.S. Comics
The Guide: English Canadian Comic Books, 1941-85
How To Use The Guide
English Canadian Title Listings
English Canadian Publishers Index
The War Years: Anglo-American Publishing Ltd. by Robert MacMillan
Quebec Comics: A Short History by Luc Pomerleau
Notes, Bibliography
La BD Quebecoise: Bref Historique by Luc Pomerleau
Notes On Quebec Listings
Quebec Title Listings
Index of Quebec Publishers
About The Contributors

Review by Mike Rhode:

This slim volume was published Matrix Graphic Series, the comic book publisher. The historical parts are of interest as much of the history of Canadian comics is unknown in the United States. These are basic - rather along the lines of the essays in Overstreet's Guide. Also like Overstreet, a price guide to the books was included. Presumably the values are of no use now, but the listing of the books remains of permanent value like Kennedy's Underground price guide. Educational and giveaway comics are listed as well as mainstream books. An interesting point probably not known to most American golden age collectors is that a Canadian Captain Marvel series was published in the 1940s with Fawcett's American scripts illustrated by Canadian artists. The appendix of Canadian contributors to U.S. comics shows how many Canadians have worked in the American mainstream and are thought of as American creators. The book ends in 1985 with the large influx of Canadian talent into the slowly-internationalizing American market. This influx of people such as Dave Sim, Arn Saba, Chester Brown and others have helped keep non-superhero stories alive. A 1987 update to this volume is advertised in it, but I don't know if it ever appeared.

 NOTE: Mark Shainblum, this book's publisher, has informed me that the update was not published. --GK-- is Copyright © Gene Kannenberg, Jr.,
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