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Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Ph.D., Director
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Introduction primarily covers book-length works about comic books and comic strips, from "fannish" histories to academic monographs, providing detailed information and guidance on further research. Each entry will include the book's Table of Contents as well as (if applicable) a list of comics works reprinted in it (and their sources, sometimes undocumented), other general notes on content and organization, ISBN numbers, and reviews--either included on these pages, listed from print sources, or linked to from on-line sources. Books in any language, about comics from any country, are included. If you would like to suggest additional titles to include, or if you have a review that you'd like to contribute, please contact us. Subject Categories
    • Comics in General: General works on comics.
    • Academic Resources: Information on schools, conferences, journals, and more.
    • Anthologies: Anthologies of comics which include substantial introductory essays, books which generally reproduce "classic" or otherwise significant comics.
    • Cartoonists: Works on individual cartoonists.
    • Collecting Guides: Usually focus on the investment value of comic books, but which often include historical essays and related matter.
    • Countries: Works on comics produced in specific countries.
    • Genres of Comics: Works about specific comics generes.
    • How-To Guides: Books for the aspiring cartoonist, artist, writer, publisher, etc.
    • Interview Collections: Collections of interviews with comics professionals.
    • News About Comics: Links to on-line sources for news about comics.
    • Periodicals: Information about printed periodicals, excluding academic journals (for those, see Academic Resources).
    • Publishers & Groups: Works on specific publishers, syndicates, studios, etc.
    • Subject Areas: Works dealing with specific topics not covered in our broader categories.
    • Titles & Characters: Works on specific comics titles and characters. 
    • Other Links: Links to comics information on the Internet; entries are cross-referenced into the main Bibliography pages.  Many of these links will soon be better integrated into the other subject-area pages.

Other Comics Reference Bibliographies
comics research bibliography: Maintained by John Bullough and Mike Rhode, this is a large and useful collection of references from both academic journals and popular magazines. I can't recommend it highly enough--if you've found my bibliography useful, you'll also benefit from consulting Bullough & Rhode's work.

While their contents are not on-line, John Lent's comics bibliographies are still the major English-language sources for bibliography on comics research; check your local library. does not copy or replace the contents of Lent's volumes; it was developed independently. Of course, many of our listings also may be found, without anotations, in Lent's work; but Lent's volumes are so rich that neither my nor any other on-line bibliography can hope to offer the same range or depth of coverage as these indispensible volumes.  Prof. Lent also edits the International Journal of Comic Art .

Thank you, Alex Sliepenbeek, for informing me of an ambitious new bibliography, The Comic Book Reference Bibliographic Datafile, based in The Netherlands.

You can also find a large list of other on-line comics bibliographies at the Comics Scholars' Discussion List Bibliographies page .

Dr. Gene Kannenberg, Jr., Director
I completed my  in the Department of English at the in 2002 and have published several articles on comic art. I have served as Chair of the International Comic Arts Festival and as Chair of the Comic Art & Comics section of the Popular Culture Association. In addition to, I also formerly maintained the web site for COMIXSCHL-LIST, the Comics Scholars' Discussion List.

Contact: I am always happy to address any questions , comments, or suggestions you might have about comics in general. Please see the Contact & Media Relations page for more information, including links to how to get fake id some news items and articles for which I have been interviewed.

Reviews: Don't forget, you can review any book here (or any book you feel should be here). While I don't pretend that any single view can or should be taken as "gospel," I do believe that a little guidance is better than none at all. I'm also adding lists of printed reviews of many books listed here, in the hopes that such reviews will make it easier for comics researchers to sift through a great number of books in order to determine which might prove most useful.

Publishers: To submit review copies of your publications, send them to:

Dr. Gene Kannenberg, Jr.
221 Delaware Ave
Albany NY  12209-1706

If you require any additional information, please contact us.

A Thank-You to Contributors
Individuals who have contributed to include: K.A. Laity, Mike Rhode (contributor par excellance), Octavio Aragão, Markus Baar, Robert Beerbohm, Steven M. Bergson, Mark Bilokur, Brad Brooks, John Bullough, Peter Coogan, Leonardo De Sá, Nat Gertler, Andrew Goldstein, Ian Lewis Gordon, Charles Hatfield, M. Thomas Inge, Stephanie Johnson (a.k.a. The Queen of Everything), Ronan Lancelot, Antonio Martín, Pedro Moura, Bryan Munn, Miron Murcury, Del Murchison, Oliver Naepel, magicfakeid Frank Paccassi, Paulo Patrício, Timothy Perper, Tim Pilcher, W.C. Pope, Trina Robbins, Mark C. Rogers, Mario Saraceni, Bill Schelly, Ramon Schenk, Randy Scott, Mark Shainblum, Jason Silverman, Daniel Sponton, Stephanie Turner, Remco Wetzels, Thom Young, and The joey Zone. 

Thanks also to publishers who have contributed books, including Collectors Press, Continuum, Graphic Classics, Hamster Press, Ivory Door, Phaidon, (), University Press of Mississippi, and TwoMorrows.

If you have contributed information or material in the past but are not listed here, please contact me and I will be sure to list your name.

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